Northport, New York

"To paint a likeness is not enough - the artist must catch a glimpse of the soul as well."

Will your portrait be painted from hand using the artist's discerning eye and artistic judgements or will your portrait be a photograph reproduced with inks onto a canvas and "over-painted" by a skilled technician?

Candace Elizabeth Eaton paints portraits - both formal and informal, in traditional or contemporary settings - using only the portrait painter's trained eye and hands. Even when life sittings are inconvenient or not available, as in the case of the memorial portrait, the artist views and paints from the photographs as if it were a live sitting. The image is never projected onto the canvas and simply coloured in, nor does the portraitist go with the trend of painting on a "pre-printed" canvas. Only original drawing and painting in the time-honored traditions are created in this studio.

After a 18-year career as a court sketch artist, where one draws the action live from the courtroom, the artist's drawing skills are honed and in no need of the mechanical aids that create the common (and currently trendy) "photo-realist" look of much commercial portraiture. Candace Elizabeth Eaton paints portraits on the finest quality Belgian linen from life sittings or photographs. An interview about the subject is essential, especially when the portraitist is painting a commemorative portrait.